PowerPlay was founded in a basement in Hellerup Copenhagen in 1987 by Simon Dalberg (drums) Erik Thomsen (Vocal) Kurt Lundgaard (Guitarist) and Peter Gjedde (Keyboards). The music was heavily inspired by TOTO, Journey, Supertramp, Starship and other West Coast bands of that time, but always with a twist of pure energy and the lust to play and perform with own composed music. PowerPlay had various Bass players in the first years, but after a while the young and talented Bass player Philip Stricker joined and brought new dimensions into the music. The band was constantly on the move and played in many underground places around Copenhagen like U-matic and Loppen, and became rather popular in those environments.

In 1991 Powerplay won the music award in Trommen as the best performing act and with that title also a contract for a record In Werner Studio in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, due to some very sad circumstances, the band never came to the point of making the record and as such PowerPlay stopped their activities in 1992 PowerPlay is now back after 20 years rest, and in the original setup – We have never been better they say and actually PowerPlay is back in the studio making a record with all new material – But for the fans from the good old days there will be one or two oldies in new flashy clothes. The new album will be recorded and mixed at Granny Studio, produced by topproducer Thomas Brekling and mixed by him and Ole Mosbaek.